Hello, World!

The first Radix Hacklab Open Assembly will be held at the 2nd Floor of New Babylon Squat, Tzavella 25, Athens, Greece on 11.12.2018 19:00.

The Radix Hacklab is a not-for-profit autonomous collective, part of a global movement of hackers and makers setting up a radical, community-run, physical space for people to come together to learn, share, organise, and create.

At Radix, we make decisions with the informed consent of participants, who all share responsibility for running the space and keeping it safe so we can be dangerous together! For this purpose, we will agree on as few rules and boundaries as possible, but as many as become necessary. We support diversity & inclusion, feminism, solidarity, and respect. We are against dominance, hierarchy, exploitation and profit. We do not tolerate intolerance.

Radix will open as a no-smoking space and is not meant to be used as a personal or commercial office. We are supporters of libre / open source culture, peer production, cooperation, copyleft, DIY & do-it-together and free access, with diverse interests including (but not limited to) software & hardware hacking, repair & upcycling, free public networks, security, graphics/audio/video production, commons infrastructure, open publishing & bookbinding, artificial intelligence, and art.

Radix can only exist thanks to participants committing to contribute to meaningful discussion, skill and knowledge sharing, common projects, and access to the necessary tools and resources. As an early stage project, Radix’s identity will be determined by its participants – everyone who shares compatible values is welcome and invited to participate and join us in producing a radical shift in the way our society works.

First Radix Hacklab Open Assembly Poster