We make decisions with the informed consent of participants. We strive for inclusivity, so during discussions we prefer going around in a circle so everyone can be taken into account, and can express themselves and be heard, respected and supported.

Working Groups

The collective should maintain a list of active working groups, including:

  • Name
  • Specific Purpose / Scope
  • Contact Method (for someone outside the group to contact or join the group)

Current Working Groups (WG)

  • Building: Fixing & maintaining the building infrastructure.
  • Code of Conduct: Drafting and reviewing the Code of Conduct and how it will be upheld.
  • External Communications: Communicating with peope outside Radix, such as on social media. Maintaining, developing and designing the website, graphics and the public Matrix channel.
  • Resources: Help organise physical needs and resources (such as tools, supplies and finances). Research solutions to be approved by assembly, such as collaborative accounting.

WG Guidelines

  • Seek consent on major decisions from the assembly.
  • Update the assembly on anything important.
  • Respond to queries raised at the assembly.
  • No expectation that comments from outside the group about what they could/should do will be acted upon.
  • Facilitate contact with people outside the group through a clear contact method.