The Radix Hacklab is a radical, community-run space in Athens (Greece) for people to come together to learn, share, organise, and create. Radix is being built by a not-for-profit autonomous collective, with the help of a global movement of hackers and makers.

How We Organise

At Radix, we make decisions with the informed consent of participants, who all share responsibility for running the space and keeping it safe. For this purpose, we agree on as few rules and boundaries as possible, but as many as become necessary. We support diversity & inclusion, feminism, solidarity, and respect. We are against dominance, hierarchy, exploitation and profit. We do not tolerate intolerance.


Is there a bug in your artwork? Do you have the recipe for homemade solar panels? Come to Radix to learn, share you knowledge, and work together towards a more tolerable world. At Radix we support libre / open source culture, peer production, cooperation, copyleft, DIY & do-it-together and free access.


Machines like 3D printers and laser cutters are lowering the barriers of local and DIY production. At Radix we want to do-it-together and completely decentralise the way we create reality. We will create and operate machines for the community, as well as a tool and book library. 


Are you interested in biohacking, coffee roasting or Python coding? Want to hack your own privacy & security at a cryptoparty? Participate in a community-organised workshop at Radix and learn a new skill at no cost. Are familiar and passionate about a subject? Join our next assembly or online to chat to organise something.

Radix only exists thanks to participants committing to contribute their time, knowledge, skills and meaningful discussion to the space and our shared projects. It also needs access to the necessary tools and resources. As an early stage project, Radix’s identity is determined by its participants – everyone who shares compatible values is invited to participate and join us in producing a radical shift in the way our society works.

Art & Culture

Creating art with computers, audio & video production, open publishing, graphics, performances, concerts, readings, developing and creatively using things that allow the digital to make a physical impression.

Ethics, Society & Politics

What will our technologically-powered future look like? What are the effects of artificial intelligence, ubiquituous networks, digitalisation and automation of everything, climate change and globalisation?


Creating, repairing and upcyling tools, systems and things of all kinds (e.g. software, textiles, musical instruments, computers, robots, alternative energy, medical tools, …) and liberating proprietary ones. 


The rapid development of science and technology is steadily changing our view of the world. But we’re not all benefiting as much as we should.


The influence of security aspects on users and machines. Focusing on security problems and solutions in our technology and our behaviours.


We're setting up and maintaining commons infrastructure, such as public networks, and decentralized services.